About Us

Nebraska is a celebrated place to live, work, learn, and play; a Nebraska where all people – not just some – have access to the good life. And the good life truly is good.

The Sherwood Foundation team respects and celebrates our common humanity including people of all sexual orientations and gender identities; people of all faiths or no faith; people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures; and people of all ages and abilities. The team makes grants to organizations that do the same.

The Sherwood Foundation established roots in Omaha, Nebraska in 2006. Susan A. “Susie” Buffett, the daughter of the late Susan T. “Mama Susie” and Warren Buffett, is the chair of the Sherwood Foundation, a private, family foundation serving Omaha and Nebraska.

Susie Buffett

Warren has spent a lifetime investing and building Berkshire Hathaway, a company of “Gibraltar-like financial strength” with global impact; Mama Susie spent her life in the very personal civil rights work of “crossing lines and clasping hands” in Omaha, Nebraska. Mama Susie was not afraid to use the “L word,” acknowledging the importance of love in her philanthropic philosophy; Warren would choose “lean” as a good “L word” for a foundation.

Both of Susie’s parents made deals – whether business or philanthropic – with people in whom they had great confidence. From her parents, Susie and the Foundation have inherited philanthropic DNA that acknowledges both common humanity and common sense.  While economic efficiency is core to the work of the Foundation, so too are trust and relationships.

“Expect to make some mistakes; nothing important will be accomplished if you make only “safe” decisions.”

— Warren Buffett

“This whole exercise of giving could be analyzed on so many levels. Even the highest level doesn’t come out very nobly, but I am grateful for the chance I have to extend myself to others. If what comes from myself can be occasionally purely motivated, or once in a while, done only in love, then perhaps it will be worth something.”

— Susan Thompson Buffett